Open call

Urgency Reader 2 ⊹mutual aid publishing during crisis ⊹S.O.S. ⊹the great situation ⊹cancel everything ⊹writing in isolation ⊹dispatches from a distance ⊹put your hands over your eyes ⊹jump out of the plane ⊹there is no pilot ⊹you are not alone ⊹standby ⊹this is the time ⊹and this is the record of the time ⊹all around you ⊹right now ⊹before us ⊹to imagine what’s next ⊹after collapse ⊹beyond failing institutions ⊹beyond corrupt systems ⊹queer visions ⊹reset ⊹reset ⊹reset ⊹look closely ⊹we’re putting these words down ⊹right now ⊹we’re gathering them ⊹and printing them ⊹and sending them ⊹right back out again ⊹a long distance call ⊹from crisis ⊹to future

Please submit new material from the quarantine——
♢writing ♢sketches ♢images ♢in any form ♢notes ♢thoughts ♢lists ♢observations ♢collages ♢essays ♢tweets ♢visions ♢cut-ups ♢tear downs ♢strikethroughs ♢raw ♢in-progress ♢finished ♢unedited ♢anything you’d like to circulate ♢in this moment.

Files (PDFs, JPGs, google doc, etc) should be formatted as US-letter-sized pages (8.5 in x 11 in) to be risograph printed “as is.” All material will be converted to one color printing. Handwritten, plaintext, typeset, it’s all good (see Urgency Reader #1 for reference).

Send to Paul Soulellis at queer.archive.work@gmail.com before 11:59PM EDT Friday, March 27, 2020.

Queer.Archive.Work is a non-profit reading room, publishing studio, and project space in Providence, RI. QAW will pay for all published material. Amount paid TBD; will depend on how many respond to the call. All attempts will be made to be as inclusive as possible but priority will be given to those most heavily impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, including LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC artists, writers, and gig workers.