Queer.Archive.Work’s reading room houses a non-circulating library of zines, books, and objects, open to all for research and inspiration. Contributions to the growing collection are welcomed, especially works produced on-site. There’s no catalogue yet, but will be soon! Email Paul to visit.

A few of the artists, writers, and poets with works in the Queer.Archive.Work reading room: Sal Randolph, Nicole Killian, Hannah Hiaasen, Nate Pyper, Brontez Purnell, Xander Marro, Maggie Siebert, GenderFail, Demian DinéYazhi´, Amy Suo Wu, Walker Mettling, Olive B. Godlee, Hardworking Goodlooking, Arthur Katrina, American Artist, Noraa Kaplan, Lucas LaRochelle, Tony Cokes, Rin Kim, Nora Khan, and many others.