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Summer–Fall 2020

We’re announcing the launch of QAW 2020/2021 Risograph Residencies! The open call closed on May 22, 2020 and we’re excited about the number and range of applications received, representing an enormous variety of projects, approaches, and practices. August–October residents will be notified and announced in June.

QAW residents get access to our studio space, risograph printer, and other resources for the realization of a particular project. In selecting residents, we’re prioritizing queer practices, radical publishing, and experimentation, as well as folks who are traditionally underserved (LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, disabled, immigrant, non-RISD/non-Brown University-affiliated).

Each residency may be up to two weeks long, with full access to the studio, the risograph printer, the library, and all equipment and supplies (inks, papers, paper trimmer, etc.), including an unrestricted stipend of $500 awarded directly to the artist, to be used for any purpose that enables them to access the residency (travel, food, rent, project supplies, etc.). This is a work-only residency (no lodging provided).

Please note that QAW has one main level that is easily accessed via wheelchair from the street and parking lot, plus two interior spaces that are accessible only by stair. The printer and library are permanently located on the first floor and accessible. Any tools, supplies, and resources that are not already on the first floor may be re-located there for the duration of your residency, if so desired.

2020/2021 residencies will be determined by a Providence-based review team that includes artist Edwige Charlot, writer Nora Khan, QAW founder Paul Soulellis, and QAW director David Kim. In addition to selecting recipients of the first three residencies, we’ll be inviting a larger cohort of finalists for additional opportunities over the next year. We’re also thinking of other ways for applicants to connect with each other and sustain engagement with QAW as part of our community. If you’re interested in being contacted about future residencies and other programs, please send a note!

QAW residents have full access to:
  • A single drum SF9450 Risograph printer
  • Plenty of master rolls
  • Six color ink drums and lots of extra ink
  • Various papers (standard letter and tabloid sizes)
  • Three large work surfaces, lots of wall space
  • $500 stipend
  • Dahle 442 paper trimmer
  • Scissors, adhesive tapes, glue sticks, pens, pencils, xcto knives, cutting mat, straight edges, etc.
  • Bostich heavy-duty stapler (can assemble up to 130 sheets at a time!)
  • Bostich booklet stapler
  • Experimental publishing library for reference and inspiration (zines, books, objects)
  • QAW code of conduct
  • Residents have unlimited access to the studio, but please note that this residency is strictly work-only

Last updated May 27, 2020