resting reader (2022)

resting reader (2022)
120-page book
Edited by Paul Soulellis
Published by Queer.Archive.Work
Printed on the QAW SF9450 Risograph
RISO inks: purple, black, fluorescent pink
8.5 in. x 11 in. perfect binding
Unlimited edition (first printing: 100)
Providence, RI
January 2022

resting reader is a book of texts and images assembled from source material found on the shelves of the Queer.Archive.Work library. All pages were scanned directly into the risograph, printed in an unlimited edition, and bound on the Horizon BQ-140 perfect binder. No computers were used except to set the type on the cover. The content was selected during the rise of the COVID-19 Omicron variant in December 2021, around the loose themes of rest, quiet, care, queer, sanctuary, reflection, collective, and generosity. This publication is also a reflective response to Urgency Reader 1 (2019) and Urgency Reader 2 (2020), and the focus on speed, crisis, and refusal in those volumes.

Download a PDF (41MB) of resting reader, scanned from a printed copy.

Free copies of resting reader will be distributed at the Binch/QAW studio until we run out. A limited number of individual copies will also be mailed out (thank you to everyone who requested mailed copies, which will be sent very soon; there are none left!).

“survival by sharing” is on the cover of resting reader, first used by Come!Unity Press in NYC in the 1970s, and later found in the QAW library in Danielle Aubert’s book The Detroit Printing Co-op (2019). We’re inspired by this “24-hour open access print shop run by a gay anarchist collective,” and humbly revive their survival by sharing ethos now, fifty years later, in publications like resting reader and in everything we do at the Binch/QAW studio.


1 “The biggest love, care, and gratitude for you my friend” (loose card, anonymous)

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the gay graphics collective, gay is angry (a calendar), gay community center, New York, 1971

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