QUEER.ARCHIVE.WORK is an urgent act of publishing that’s radical, messy, and future-looking. It’s a signal sent out into muddy waters, the start of a speculative practice emerging from (and moving towards) the undercommons—a collective place for subversive artists and writers who reject normative narratives. THIS PUBLICATION IS A LOOSE ASSEMBLING OF QUEER METHODOLOGIES, WITH A PARTICULAR VIEW TOWARDS NETWORK CULTURE, FAILURE, AND REFUTATION. It’s an attempt to move far beyond the printed web. IT’S AN EXPERIMENT IN PUBLISHING AS PRACTICE AS RESISTANCE. Edited by Paul Soulellis in Pawtucket, RI.

Top: Unity, Nate Pyper / Bottom: nicole killian, American Artist
Below: Nora N. Khan

American Artist—A nETwoRK ___of SLAVES~~~***
Somnath Bhatt—..... a thick opening
Jeffrey Cheung and Gabriel Ramirez (Unity Press)
Jack Halberstam—Vertiginous Capital Or, The Master’s Toolkit
shawné michaelain holloway—_.DEVICEPLAY(trust and touch, care and reflection, [a study of denial])
Nora N. Khan—The Possibility of a Field
Be Oakley (GenderFail)
Allison Parrish—The Wcnsske-Gonshanshcoma Reconstructions
Porpentine Charity Heartscape—Living Fucking Creatures
Nate Pyper—in this house we self-immolate
Sal Randolph—Sappho’s Text

Jack Halberstam

ISSUE #1 includes several artifacts: a 36-page print-on-demand broadsheet newspaper surrounded by separate risograph-printed pieces—

—a 20-page zine
—a 12-page zine
—an 8-page zine
—two double-sided posters
—a small print
—a fold-out sheet (v1.1)
—a title sheet
—a URL title card

Download digital edition (38.5MB ZIP)
p2p at dat://queer.hashbase.io

Somnath Bhatt

Nothing in issue #1 is bound. No staples or glue. The nine parts of the publication use folding, nesting, and enveloping as techniques of association. Sheets may be pulled out and rearranged, encouraging new juxtapositions and relationships each time it’s read.

Print edition of 300 launched at 2018 NY Art Book Fair and 2018 Boston Art Book Fair. Version 1.1 (edition of 60) featured at NY Tech Zine Fair, December 2018.

Publishing as practice as resistance,” a talk presented at the Boston Art Book Fair on October 13, 2018.

Porpentine Charity Heartscape

Demolition Man